Twist Image Blog Comments Are Now Live

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I am happy to inform you that this Twist Image Blog now accepts comments (just click the “Comments” link below).
Also, I have left the ability to email me a comment as well (in case you don’t want it to appear on the Blog).
Who shall be first?
I look forward to the conversation.
As an aside, I have already received over ten spam comments (oh, the joy).


  1. Hi Mitch. Dave Jones here. You know, I find your site very cognitive.
    Get used to that one.
    Seriously, I clean up a tonne of spam every day, but it’s worth it to have comments. Good on you for leaping back in. And you can always turn off comment notification to your BlackBerry…something that I’m strongly considering.

  2. Thanks Dave. I’m honored to have you as my first comment. I’m a huge fan of Inside PR. I’ll make you a deal: you keep Podcasting and I’ll keep my comments on.

  3. Hi Mitch
    Although you’ll find that not too many people comment, I think it’s the right thing to have available. The Interent is about connections and blogging is the natural way of encouraging those. Eliminating the spam is one of the prices you pay, but what you receive in return is worth the price.
    Congratulations also on your blog. It’s one of the ones I keep on my RSS newsfeed radar screen. I’m always staying awere of what the movers and shakers are doing and you’re certainly in that group. Keep it coming. ๐Ÿ™‚

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