Second Life Avatar-Based Marketing Conference Follow-Up

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It is done. I have taken part in my first conference in Second Life.
The Avatar-Based Marketing panel discussion took place this afternoon in Second Life, and I had the pleasure of sitting next to Divo Dapto (aka Joseph Jaffe). Actually, Divo had to ask another Avatar, Gideon, if he would not mind moving over so we could sit next to one another. It was an interesting experience.
The whole discussion is chat-based, so there was plenty of typing, but Jaffe got smart and we started a Skype call between the two of us. Jaffe recorded the call, and I don’t think either of us knows what will become of that recording. I’d like to see it released as a Podcast, but a lot of the content was us reading what the panelists were saying, or typing to one-another or reading out loud what was being typed by other Avatar participants.
It did get exciting.
Toward the end, we noticed another Avatar, Jangles Junot, getting chatty and it turned out to be For Immediate Release co-host, Neville Hobson. Jaffe set-up a Skype conference call and all three of us discussed this Second Life conference.
If we can’t edit down the full-hour, I’m hoping Jaffe will allow me to broadcast the final few minutes when it was just the three of us discussing the event.
Think about this: we’re in a 3D virtual world, Second Life, connecting three countries while conducting a Skype conference call and recording it for a Podcast.
There are some days when I am completely blown away by technology, social media and where our marketing world is going.
Today is one of those days.
Final comment: I made a huge jerk of myself by confusing Neville for his co-host, Shel Holtz. I just want to apologize to Neville if I called him “Shel” by accident. Now I see why they’re affectionately known as “Sheville.”

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  1. Wait until they start calling us Reggy or Kellis (isn’t there a singer called Kelis?) or Jaffoel or Joeffy or Jositch or Miteph.
    I’m doing some minor tweaks on the recording and will ping you with a few options.

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