Tom Peters Presents Tomato TomA[h]to ChangeThis Manifesto

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Tom Peters has a new rant and it’s available as a free PDF download from ChangeThis. Tomato TomA[h]to is a sixteen page list of classic Peters “They Say… I Say.”
Some Tom Peters aphorisms include:
“They say ‘Of course we believe in marketing.’ I say ‘Has you customer database won numerous industry awards?'”
“They say the Web is a ‘useful tool.’ I say the Web changes everything. Now.”
“They say Great Design is ‘nice.’ I say Great Design is ‘necessary.'”
ChangeThis was an instant publishing initiative that was started by Seth Godin and is now being updated by 1-800-CEO-READ.
Download Tom Peters Change This Manifesto here: Tom Peters Presents Tomato TomA[h]to.
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As always, Tom Peters is making business think and these aphorisms are right on target as far as creating a true sustainable business beyond environmental initiatives.