Thursday With Henry Mintzberg

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Looking for something to do tomorrow (Thursday, April 23rd, 2020)?

Tomorrow, I will be taking part is a virtual fireside chat with famed educator, management thinker, business author and living legend, Henry Mintzberg.

Here are the details:

Learning for and from the pandemic: Fireside chat with Henry Mintzberg and Mitch Joel about crisis, management and rebalancing the globe from the ground up.

Our globe is in the midst of a pandemic. Our institutions, and their leaders, are struggling to adapt. Can this be the beginning of the broader change that we so desperately require?

In this fireside chat, in conversation with Mitch Joel, Henry Mintzberg will carry his idea of bottom-up management to the major problems we face: from the pandemic to climate change and the demise of democracy, to the imbalance that plagues our societies and our institutions.

The easy fixes are not working: heroic leadership, fixing capitalism, creating 30 year plans by 4 year governments. We need reformation, on a global scale, to rebalance our organizations, our societies, and our own heads.

As we are learning from the Coronavirus pandemic, governments are supposed to protect us, businesses are supposed to supply us, and communities are supposed to engage us, working in cooperation with each other. This happens in the best responses to the crisis, compared with the worst: when governments have been starved, businesses profiteer, and people party in their communities while hoarding at home, all at each other’s expense.

CoachingOurselves is proud to present this “fireside chat” with CoachingOurselves co-founder Henry Mintzberg. We are delighted to have Mitch Joel, founder of the Six Pixels Group and author of Six Pixels of Separation and CTRL ALT Delete, host this conversation. The last time they did a chat, the chemistry was compelling!

Registered attendees can receive a free perusal version of Henry Mintzberg’s latest CoachingOurselves module “Rebalancing Society: Starting Now.”

Henry Mintzberg and me.

I’ve known Henry for as long as I can remember. I went to elementary school with his daughter. You don’t really know (or understand) who or what your friend’s parents are at that age. As I transitioned from post-secondary education into the business world, I was quickly exposed to the writing and thinking of Henry Mintzberg. It didn’t take me long to make the connection back to elementary school, but it did take a while for Henry and I to be connected. We first recorded a podcast about five years ago (Six Pixels of Separation #470 – Henry Mintzberg On Management) and became fast friends. Over the past five years, I’ve had the pleasure of attending events with Henry and meeting with him about his current work/thinking. He’s a genius… and I don’t use that word often (if ever).

If you have the time – and are interested in how we solve for a better world (and community) – please join us tomorrow. It’s free. Just register here: Rebalancing The Globe From The Ground.