There Is So Much News That We're Not Even Paying Attention To It

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The past twenty-four hours have dished out some major headlines. I fear that there is so much news that we’re not even able to comprehend how significant it has been. Here’s what has made my ears perk up in the past day.
BBC News 24 Launches First All-UGC News Programme – Digital Bulletin – Brand Republic.
TiVo To Sell Ads That Follow Recordings – Silicon Valley – San Jose Business Journal.
‘Dove Evolution’ Goes Viral, With Triple The Traffic Of Super Bowl Spot – MarketingVOX.
Mobile Entertainment Market To Reach $47bn By 2009 – Juniper Research.
Half of YouTube’s Audience Is Over 34 – MarketingVOX.
All of that in the past day. Am I the only one whose brain melts when those headlines are read?
If this was all of the news we had in one year, it would be a good year.
I look forward to what tomorrow may bring.