Geek Dinner Toronto II.1 Becomes Geek Dinner III

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A couple of weeks back, when I realized how many of my fellow social media digerati were speaking and attending the New Media For Communications conference, I thought instead of doing a Geek Dinner Toronto, why not just have a nice quiet evening with a handful of us? As is always the case, the guest list kept growing. I then realized that all of the affirmative RSVPs were actually male (can’t have that), so I offered up an invite to some past Geek Dinner Toronto attendees and others who had expressed interest. Next thing you know, we have over twenty people showing up in Toronto for another Geek Dinner.
So let’s do the correct nomenclature up front: Geek Dinner Toronto II.1 is now re-dubbed Geek Dinner Toronto III… it’s only fair (and who doesn’t love a good mash-up?).
A couple of highlights were dining (and spending the better part of the past two days) with Inside PR Podcasts hosts, Terry Fallis and David Jones. The conversation was pushed forward when Mesh dude, Stuart MacDonald, hopped over for some social media chatter. It’s one thing to connect to peers who are like-minded, but this was not your run-of-the-mills mutual admiration society while doing shots from the social media kool-aid cooler. We all got riled up on the “what Bell Canada should do?” conversation. I wish I had the M-Audio MicroTrack running.
It was also great to meet Tony Hung in person, Hung is the author of the Deep Jive Interests Blog and quickly gaining notoriety as one of the fresher faces (and Blog voices) from the Toronto scene. How he manages to post as frequently as he does, while doing his residency (he’s a Doctor) along with being a new-Father is well beyond my feeble fingers.
We scattered out a little past eleven o’clock last night. These past forty-eight hours have been social media heaven. We’re heading into the home stretch. I’m hoping for some audio recording over lunch with Terry Fallis, Michael O’Connor Clarke and Leona Hobbs. If that goes according to plan, look for some audio bytes in the next episode of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast. After lunch I’ll be a part of the panel for the It’s In Their Hands: The Impact Of Changing Consumer Trends And User Generated Media On The Communicator’s Role session. I’m feeling a little antsy, so expect some sparks and snarky stuff.

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  1. The keys joel, is that I get by on not much sleep, and a very supportive wife. 😉
    Thanks for the props … see you at the GDIV!

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