The State Of The Internet

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Who doesn’t love a bunch of mind-blowing stats?

It’s even harder not to love a bunch of mind-blowing stats when they’re surrounded by cool graphics and future pop instrumental music. There’s no doubt that the following video, The State of The Internet, by Jesse Thomas is going to playing at the beginning of many conferences and business meetings that have an Internet, Social Media, Technology of any future-based theme going forward.

For your viewing pleasure:

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.

(hat-tip: Mashable)


  1. Great post. As you said, this will now make an upcoming speech of mine that much cooler…not what you know, what you share.

  2. Besides how much I loved the video, which reminds me of M Wesch(’s vids (Vision of Students Today, The Machine is Us/ing Us), I just wanted to to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I’ve taken a few business classes, but my main love lies in linguistics. This didn’t stop your book from being completely relevant to my life as someone who lives and breaths through the internet, and I will be passing your book on to other to read for sure. One thing I did tell my roommate while I read this (in the course of two evenings, stuffed between midterms) was that I wished it was online–I kept wanting to c&p pertinent passages to her. We laughed and decided this is more proof in the pudding for you. In any case, it was a very enlightening read, because so many thing I use every day I take for granted as things everyone has (the idea of someone needing to be introduced to wikipedia always throws me–my teachers have been telling me it’s not a primary source since I was in high school) are used in business and the things I do everyday (participate!) help them grow. Too, I always get a kick out of using my no script on google-analytics, and this made me have a moment of silence for those whose data I wouldn’t be adding too. Anyways, I greatly enjoyed your book, and I am hopeful that all those I lend it to will as well, and I will be poking around this blog and other such things you have mentioned in your book!

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