The Power Within Edmonton – The Power Of The Moment

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What an amazing two days it has been in Edmonton at The Power Within.
Last night, I walked over and checked out the venue with Chuck Martin. Martin is best known for his books Tough Management and the business fable, Coffee at Luna’s. He was also a big wig over at IBM. Martin is an easy going and passionate guy. He really helped me keep focus on having fun and enjoying the moment when I get up there.
At the venue we ran into Craig and Marc Kielburger. I thought I had a lot of community experience. These guys – both in their mid-twenties – are extraordinary. They are the founders of Free The Children and work tirelessly to make our world a better place. They work closely with people like Oprah and have three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. There are a real dynamic duo.
This morning, as I was making my way through the hotel lobby, I ran into Jim Fannin. Fannin authored the book, S.C.O.R.E. For Life, and is best known as being one of the leading coaches who helps people get in the Zone. We spoke briefly and he immediately became a personal performance coach for me. We instantly clicked and Fannin is certainly someone you’ll be reading a lot more about in this Blog.
I arrived at the venue just as Mike Lipkin was hitting the stage. Nobody does it better. Lipkin is a consummate expert orator. He consistently delivers powerful presentations that change lives (mine included). He has startling presence and passion when he talks. I’m a fan.
It truly was a tremendous day and the staff at The Power Within deserve tons of kudos. You could feel the effect that all of the speakers had on the 5000 plus people who attended.
Another massive day of change, growth and personal betterment.
Dr. Phil was great. His intro is total rock star. He brings a candor and energy to the stage that you don’t see on his TV show. Dr. Phil talks mostly about relationships, but he stylishly slips into the concepts of personal greatness and our capacity to do more.
We’re off tonight to check out Rick Bronson‘s The Comic Strip club. Rick is an old friend from Montreal who moved out here years ago. He’s also one of the funniest guys I know. Bronson goes over well as the host for The Power Within, so I’m looking forward to seeing him onstage where he can really let loose.
What an experience today has been.