The Power Within Edmonton – No, It Was Not All About Digital Marketing

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I had more than a few emails asking me why I was asked to speak at The Power Within on Digital Marketing. That was not my topic. I actually speak about much more than Digital Marketing. For The Power Within, I was asked to present on Personal Branding – what is a personal brand? Why a personal brand is so important? And, what we, as individuals, can do to really make our personal brands more effective.
In my presentation I uncover the three types of conversations that build your personal brand. There is the Internal Conversation (values, beliefs and goals), the One To One Conversation (how to make friends), and the One To Many Conversation (how technology allows us to connect in ways that were never before possible – think Six Pixels Of Separation).
I know that when I hear the words “personal brand,” I always get suspicious that someone is going to try to give me tools that may not be natural. One of the core messages I cover is understanding who you are, what your story is and how you can better use these conversations to align with people that are congruous with where you’re going.
The digital space plays a significant role in personal branding because individuals now have real power and can build their brand by speaking to millions – think about One Red Paperclip, Dress Kevin or even how a tool like LinkedIn works.
You can see my Power Within profile here: The Power Within Speaker Profile – Mitch Joel.