The Power Within Brings Caroline Myss To Montreal

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On Sunday, August 28th from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm at the Palais Du Congres, The Power Within presents Caroline Myss On – Invisible Powers: Personal Choices That Create Miracles.
Here’s The Power Within’s description of the event:
“Caroline Myss is an international workshop leader, lecturer, and the author of several best-selling books, including Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can and Anatomy of the Spirit, Sacred Contract and her latest, Invisible Powers: Personal Choices That Create Miracles.
In this all-new inspirational lecture Myss expands on the concept of personal power. Do you have any idea of the inner power that you possess to change your life or impact others? Do you know how easily you can take someone’s spirit away by one glance or a mere word? How do you distribute your Divine grace to the world? When was the last time you put someone else first? In this empowering lecture, Caroline shares real-life stories and demonstrates how to tap into Divine grace and discover our seven stages of generosity and compassion to transform our lives, gain a great sense of spirituality, and create miracles.
Myss is a pioneer in educating the public on the field of energy medicine and human consciousness. Her work bridges our ancient understanding of the human energy system – the chakras – and current scientific study of how our thoughts influence our bodies and our lives. She penetrates a hidden world and shows where spiritual power really comes from, and how to bring it into our lives today for health, guidance, Prosperity, relationship and transformation.”
If you are interested in attending, Twist Image has arranged for a corporate rate. The tickets cost $49 (plus tax) each (VIP and Concourse are sold out). If this is of interest to you, please feel free to call The Power Within – 1.866.994.2555 – and reserve your tickets through Scott. Make sure to mention the Twist Image corporate rate.
I have heard a few of Caroline Myss’ audio CDs (thanks Emmanuel). Myss is a fantastic speaker and delivers many deep messages in a simple and easy-to-execute way.
This is a great event to bring business associates, friends, and family to.
You can also view her website here: Caroline Myss.
There is more information on the event available here: The Power Within – Caroline Myss.