The Ariel Atom Reinvents The Car

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You can spend all you want on a Ferrari or a Porsche but smart (and new) engineering now brings us The Atom by Ariel (it retails for about 20,000 pounds). This UK-based car developer is a doozy. From the construction to the drive, it’s a must-see. Go to the website: The Ariel Atom and click on “See The Movie” in the bottom-left corner (you have to wait a while for the video to download, but it is worth it).
The Ariel Atom is the kind of magic that happens when a company (and its leaders) is not shackled by conventional wisdom or industry norms. This is the kind of Tom Peters “wow” stuff that happens when you realize that there is no thinking outside of the box… simply because there is no box anymore.
It’s also a great example of Seth Godin‘s Purple Cow – something that is remarkable because the marketing (and word of mouth) is built into the actual product.
Can you imagine taking The Ariel Atom for a spin?
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