1. In less than two minutes, I got a mild mental fatigue from the visual clutter. I’m certain that people would shut off such ad-plastering before long.

  2. All I could say was wow. It’s just hard to imagine living in a world like this. But, I suppose the mind is powerful enough to filter all that clutter. Very cool and disturbing at the same time.

  3. Wow indeed. Have you by chance read Richard Morgan’s “Altered Carbon” and its subsequent followers? The broadcast clutter here is starkly similar to what’s in Morgan’s book, and just as perturbing.
    I love the idea of such thoroughly augmented information (especially that Blue Sky moment in the middle) but I wonder if this technology will get that thoroughly overused.

  4. Great demonstration of the concept. I agree with Will that most folks will turn down the ads/music/visual clutter. The whole thing was a bit condescending too. “You’re doing great” for making tea? It reminded me of the Axiom’s onboard computer in “Wall-E”. Except that was supposed to be satire.

  5. You know, I turned it off at about 1/3 the way through it. It’s irritating, plain and simple, in addition to being aggrivating that someone would have the gonads to make the claim that that is where the world it headed.
    People are looking for ways to “cocoon” and to protect their own personal private little spaces – even when they choose to “cut loose a bit” on twitter and tumblr and the facebook, etc. People do NOT want to live a virtual life with no privacy for all to see 24/7. If that were the case, then http://www.SecondLife.com would be wildly more popular than it is.
    I mean, I like cool stuff as much as the next guy, but while the whereabouts of the “LINE” that is considered going “too far” if crossed – is not well defined, you WILL KNOW IT when you cross that line. This little video clearly demonstrates that that line has been crossed. It’s like PORN – somewhere past showing some skin and being considered an artful, beautiful thing, someone takes the camera too far and voila, it’s PORN! I’m just sayin’

  6. I can’t wrap my mind around why such a powerful processor would have so much glitches (makes you want to punch it like an old tv set – no very future-like behavior).
    As technology evolves, it always become more and more subtle. Way too much clutter here… but maybe that’s what the creators intended (a kind of Future Noir short movie).

  7. wow, the geek in me wants this now – but after some refection and remembering Occam’s razor principle. Ah, who’s kidding – this could be great, will be great. I think people will gravitate and choose the level of complexity that suits an individual.

  8. After a few seconds of watching, it struck me that just because something *can* be done, it doesn’t mean that it should be done.
    I think I have vertigo now.

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