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You have to have an appetite for learning if you’re looking to be successful with new media.

Finding the right sources isn’t always easy. There are plenty of people with plenty of followers, but there is not much substance. Don’t be fooled by people posting big numbers or linkbait-like content. Be seduced by the people that make you think. Be seduced by the people who have wisdom and are challenging our more common held beliefs. Two people that immediately come to mind for me are Clay Shirky (Here Comes Everybody and Cognitive Surplus) and Jay Rosen (PressThink). I was really surprised to see a tweet from Rosen this past week mentioning this video conversation that he had with Clay Shirky that I had not heard of (I’m a big fan of both thinkers). It’s a five-part video series that runs close to an hour. If you’re trying to better understand new media, audience, participation and Social Media, this conversation is filled with gold and depth.

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  1. Mitch, I appreciated this post. I mentioned in one of my own pieces something that touches on this same concern. Thought I’d attach the excerpt:
    …It is important for us to seek out information from the right people. Taking action on good information is crucial to our success. Finding those “gatekeepers†who will steer you in the right direction is worth every penny you pay them because they are generally the ones who sift through tons of information and help you understand it through frameworks, strategies, and plans.
    When they make suggestions or create action steps, follow them. Trust them. They’re probably implementing these tools in their businesses as well. If they’re the right gatekeeper, you’ll hear about them from others. Do some research, check up on their credentials, see who’s endorsing them and what others say about them. If your gatekeeper delivers on his or her promises and you start seeing results, you know they’re a gatekeeper worth keeping….

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