The Marketing Facts (We All Don't Want To Face) Behind Apple's New iPhone And Apple TV

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Your whole marketing world just changed and you did not realize it.
Big statement. Big thoughts. Big opportunities.
This all comes courtesy of the recent announcements by Apple of the iPhone and Apple TV.
Why am I making such dramatic statements about these two announcements?
When the iPod first came out, I remember the buzz and bust of those that saw the potential and those that just said, “so, it’s a nicer MP3 player.” Look at what has happened with Podcasting, music and how much content we all want on these tiny devices (I remember people saying, “why would you need more than five hundred songs on any device?”) since the mass adoption of the iPod. Do you think, for one second, that all the rules won’t change again with the iPhone and Apple TV?
Check out this video:

It’s no longer a phone. It’s no longer a mobile email device. It’s no longer an iPod. It’s everything and it’s something else (and calling it a phone…well, that just ain’t right). Mobile Device? That may be the best nomenclature we have at the moment. The reason this is important to Marketers is because we have to start thinking now about what type of content and media will be best suited for this device. I can’t imagine a SMS mobile marketing campaign having much traction (though it could be a part of the puzzle). I also can’t see a simple YouTube video making the cut. If you really take a close look a the TV news segment above and remember that this is the first generation of this device, you can really let your mind wander as to the type of marketing, advertising and communications that can really engage consumers.
If you take a primal glance at Apple TV, then think back to iTunes before they had Podcasts – that’s the new canvass. There’s a huge opportunity now for people to create, share and truly build their own audience. Apple TV sounds a lot like YouTube on steroids for people into Consumer Generated Content. We’re going to have video Podcasts out the wazoo and the content will be as slivered as possible and just as portable.
So what are the marketing facts behind Apple TV and the iPhone?
– New device = new rules.
– Think in terms of tribes (not mass).
– Mobile adds a new dimension to all messages – make it work for the person in control of the device.
– If you try to port an old way of doing things to these channels, it will fail.
– Think about what we had before Podcasts and before PVRs. Start from there and build with that success in mind.
– If you can port media from TV to computer to iPhone to Apple TV, think about the level of control the user has. How will you make the time they spend with your brand really count?
– Be brave. Be bold. Be beautiful.
I shared some additional thoughts in this article: Strategy Magazine – Media In Canada – Apple TV And iPhone Rock Media World.


  1. I hope the answer in being brave isn’t just going to be about everyone deciding to build marketing pod casts (not that I have anything against them mind you)
    if it’s about bravery, it would be nice to see some tech guys out figure out a way around this little problem
    and then let the sh*t hit the innovation fan!

  2. Apple is nothing special and the only thing that makes them special is the throngs of sheep who are willing to toss their money in that corporate wastebasket.

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