Joseph Jaffe and Seth Godin Prep New Books – Maybe That Will Light A Fire Under Me?

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There’s going to be some great summer business book reading coming your way. Joseph Jaffe recently announced on his Blog, Jaffe Juice, that his new book, Join The Conversation, is well under way here: 2 Ways You Can Join The Conversation. We can all take part in a specific section of the book (head over to the Blog posting and get writing – or designing – on the wiki for Jaffe’s book). Jaffe’s first book, Life After The 30-Second Spot, is a must-read for anyone working in marketing, advertising and communications. Jaffe also authored an amazing ChangeThis piece called, Manifesto For Experimentation. This is a PDF document available off of the ChangeThis website (so no excuses to not grab and read it).
Here’s how ChangeThis describes Manifesto For Experimentation:
“Jaffe declares that marketing organizations need to foster and adopt an aggressive and intense culture of experimentation. But how to take the risk? He’ll present 10 critical components to take on the journey, and a 5-step process to guide the way.”
Join The Conversation by Joseph Jaffe will be released in September.

Seth Godin
is also putting fingers to keyboard and getting ready to publish his latest marketing book (looks like a May release date), The Dip. I think that’s the title of the book based off of this Blog posting: Big And Small.
Godin sits comfortably atop the heap of marketing book authors. He’s the man behind such must-haves as Permission Marketing, Unleashing The Ideavirus, Purple Cow and many more.
Yes, I’m also working on my first boo – tentatively titled, Six Pixels Of Separation. I’m in book proposal mode and I’m pretty comfortable with one publisher (but nothing is finalized). They’ll be more information (and less cryptic comments about it) in the coming months.
Watch this space.