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There are moments in time that should make you stand back in awe and marvel at technology. This is one of those moments.

Engadget posted this today: Microsoft’s Courier ‘digital journal’: exclusive pictures and details (update: video!). No, it’s not an iPad, but it is one amazing looking device. So, what is this new device from Microsoft? "Courier will function as a ‘digital journal,’ and it’s designed to be seriously portable: it’s under an inch thick, weighs a little over a pound, and isn’t much bigger than a 5×7 photo when closed. That’s a lot smaller than we expected," reads the Engadget Blog post.

But, you have to watch these two videos demos:


Bye bye Moleskin.


  1. Wow in my new job imagine what I could have done if one of these was waiting on my desk – but, wait a minute, I didn’t even have a desk.
    So many possibilities for people creative roles or those who want to be more creative in their roles – this is way cool – thanks for sharing Mitch – you always have the most interesting info!

  2. WOW! I was just thinking about new portable technology … I will wait and explore this!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Now this is something that gets me excited! I (and I’m sure many others will) immediately compared this to the iPad and I’m sure they’re not even meant to be the same devices! But the simple fact that the Courier has a defined purpose makes me want it, because I KNOW I could use this … and I can’t wait to get one! Any word on a release date?

  4. Wow is right. I really like the stylus utilization, seems like such a more natural transition into the tablet environment than just touch screen.

  5. The look and feel of this seems awesome. I still love a pen / pencil with a notepad so this would be right up my alley. I can totally see myself sketching out ideas, taking notes, and not thinking about buying another notepad because I’ve went through all my sheets of paper 🙂

  6. If they can pull this off, then the iPad has a real competitor. It will all come down to the software, both products are just capacitive screens, what they really need is easy to use software that anyone can easily use. I’m excited about the courier, I hope to see it in action soon, this is coming from an Apple fanboy.

  7. That looks incredible. But having used a Microsoft Tablet PC for years I can tell you that a big challenge will be in incorporating the digipen experience with a touchscreen. Can I rest my wrist on the screen while I’m writing? Will it sense the pen’s proximity and disable the touchscreen?
    It is all vaporware until we see the operating system in action. This video seems more science fiction than product demo.

  8. It looks like a great tool and I’m Apple fan as well. The competition is good for the industry. Even though based on these videos, Microsoft looks like they’re speaking more to the business audience compared to Apple. It does look cool and it’s from Microsoft, who knew.

  9. Everything Penn said about the iPad could be said about this – organization, no distractions, useful tools. Clearly, Microsoft has thought this out – and may have been planning away from the iPad to avoid confronting its vertical.
    There will always be a market for Moleskines and Mead composition notebooks… But for people who buy in, this will be an awesome, progressive option.
    Is it bizarre that Microsoft makes such excellent hardware? I haven’t had a non-MS mouse or keyboard in the last ten years that stood up – but then, I’m a typist, not a gamer or designer.

  10. Everyone has to remember that Microsoft’s marketing forte is in showing off things that they don’t yet have in order to create buzz, whereas Apple hides that which they do have to create buzz.
    I’m not smart enough to know which is the better approach but I do know that the first to market in most industries has a distinct advantage, especially when it comes to disruptive innovations.

  11. I saw the “leaked” video last September and thought the device was perfect. Dual screens + stylus. Given how polished the video is, I was hoping for a launch before Christmas or in January. Nothing 🙂
    Since then, I bought a netbook, smartphone and a multitouch tablet. What the Courier offers is different and still appealing.
    PS Using multitouch is nice. Using a stylus is nice. Having both is wonderful.

  12. Do not get excited… This is not real, it’s a short movie of what they want to create, a little like the Vision 2019 Montage (

    ). Instead of developing things that actually work, Microsoft is busy yelling “notice me !”. It takes a lot of money to make a demo like that, but don’t be fooled, this is only a mock up. I’m I the only one who’s thinking : develop this thing and show me a real human being using it. Don’t waste money trying to be noticed for your futuristic vision of what’s possible.

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