The Easy Way To Get A Job In Marketing, Advertising And Social Media

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Be creative and interesting…

Then, have the skills to deliver and back it up.

Don’t forget: that initial creativity also has to carry you through in every waking moment once you get the job/work as well.

Last point: create and tell a great story.

(hat-tip Jeff via Matt).


  1. I gave a thunderous LOL at the ‘when top creative directors googled themselves’… ‘the top result was me’… Aside from the obvious brilliance of this move, I like it for its simplicity.

  2. Wow, no wonder he ended up with four interviews. Applicants for any job should take a note from his book and see that making yourself noticeable and different can put you at the top of the pile. But why stop there? Agencies looking to hire creative people should put out clever job postings. I’m sure this video has been passed around a lot, but I just love their no nonsense and hilarious approach at hiring a graphic designer. Thanks for the great post Mitch!
    (via @viralblog)

  3. Amazing. Right there it shows his creative, out of the box thinking. I admire how direct he was. He found the companies he was interested in working for and went for it. So simple, yet brilliant.

  4. Notice the title…it was an “experiment.” Eisenberg would be so proud
    “Always Be Testing” creative people. Always keeping pushing the envelope. Thanks for the video mitchviamatt.

  5. Just when you think everything’s been done before …
    I’m not clear on how often his targets search for themselves on Google or how long the process took. If you want to see where you show up online, wouldn’t you set up a daily Google Alert instead? That’s ad-free.
    Maybe he contacted his targets and asked them to do the searches?
    The concept is interesting but there are missing pieces to the story.
    PS I Googled my name and there’s no one who wants me to hire them 🙂

  6. I agree. It’s the simplicity that makes it beautiful and effective. I love hearing about how people succeed by thinking outside of the box.

  7. To give the flip side (and having been a Creative Director at respectively the largest and second largest ad agencies in the world), this idea appalled me. That phrase – about regularly googling yourself – made my stomach lurch (truthfully something I haven’t done to myself in several years). Ad agency Creative Directors have always been the worst examples of bad behavior due to overinflated egos, and this guy is an enabler of the worst kind.
    “Google yourself”. Good grief, has it really come to this? (And yes, that’s rhetorical, because I know the answer)

  8. Haha! That was amazing!
    Really creative.
    Of course, doing that you will probably have pretty high expectations (a good thing).
    Darren L Carter

  9. I used to subscribe to that, Mitch, but over the last twelve months, my feelings have changed drastically. Too many people seem to be building a reputation around building a reputation, if that makes sense. It’s insanely circular, with endless puffery, and list making, and ranking, but not many people actually DOING anything of substance when it comes down to it.
    I often find myself talking to my colleague’s about a fairly high-profile “marketer” and then ask the question “Yes, but what have they actually DONE (other than promote themselves)?” And time and again we come up blank. For someone who bought into the concept of social media fairly early (and built a business around it), it’s very depressing.
    It seems like googling oneself has become a major distraction for individuals (and an individual isn’t a brand, no matter how many blog posts I read to the contrary).
    Ultimately, the best way to manage your reputation is worry less about what other people are saying, and focus more on doing great things. We’ve all heard the stories of visionary filmmakers and award-winning chefs not reading their critics or reviews, but just following their heart. There’s definitely something in that.
    Although I realize I’m swimming upstream here 😉

  10. I guess you are both right.
    I am too, totally in favor of buidling a strong personal brand, but this is built not only by having many profiles in different platforms or being the CEO of your own blog or using different reputation management tools, as these are only, well…tools!
    The important thing is building a brand with your actions, how you collaborate, how you add value to others…in short how you leave a mark in somebody else’s life.
    As you said Mitch…talk, yes. but do more.

  11. Really cool idea to get noticed. Now, of course, you’ll have a bunch of people trying to do the same thing.
    I can already think of a few different ways of utilizing the same concept but for lead generation (targeting that big account you’re trying to land), customer satisfaction (hey “ABC Company” customer, google yourself and see what we have in store for you!), courting someone and a bunch others.

  12. unfortunately….you gotta know how to create stuff on the internet, which means you gotta be really tech savvy…..waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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