The Canadian Institute Leveraging Blogs For Corporate Communications Conference

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It has certainly been an amazing week in terms of requests to have me speak at conferences and seminars. I guess the many long hours of writing, speaking and Blogging are paying off in spades. The Canadian Institute is hosting a two-day conference, Leveraging Blogs For Corporate Communications, in Toronto from December 5-6. On December 7th they are also doing a full day of practical workshops on Blogging.
I have been asked, and I graciously accepted, to speak on December 5th for a panel discussion titled, Best Practices – Leveraging Blogs For Cost Effective Communications Channel Alternatives.
Here is the unfinished overview of this session:
“Companies are always looking for new and interesting ways to communicate with their consumers. Blogs allow you to do everything from collecting immediate feedback on product trials to providing technical support or a source of information, to name a few. But beware, Blogs provide a built-in archive component that allows two-way dynamic conversation to be recorded for a long period of time – providing a benefit and potential public relations challenges for companies. This panel discussion will highlight advice, suggestions and dos and don’ts.”
The Canadian Institute is still finalizing the speakers, so for more information please email: [email protected]