CMA – Canadian Marketing Association – E-Marketing Certificate In Montreal

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This is great news. The CMA – Canadian Marketing Association is going to offer their Professional Marketing Certificate in E-Marketing here in Montreal. I am very pleased to announce that I will be the course Instructor.
The E-Marketing Certificate will most likely start in February, 2006 and will last 13 – 14 weeks (depending on the size of the class). It will take place once a week and each class will be approximately 2.5 hours in length.
The Canadian Marketing Association – CMA – website describes the course:
“This course is perfect for someone who has 1 to 5 years marketing experience. By enrolling in this in-depth and empowering course, your career will benefit for years to come.
E-Marketing is attracting the kind of individuals that are looking to expand their professional scope, individuals that are seeking thorough and comprehensive training with practical hands-on experience – the kind that will enrich their growing knowledge base.
The CMA brings together a knowledgeable and technically advanced team of instructors, highly successful in E-Marketing, who share their insight and skills with you. When you complete the Professional Certificate in E-Marketing from the CMA, you prove to the world that you’ve mastered this challenging course and that you are ready to go to the next level. Now you can be confident that you are equipped with the latest tools to grow your career and play an increasingly valuable role in your organization.”
This is a very exciting opportunity for people based in Montreal. The course in Toronto is now taught by Ken Schafer (who you may know through his One Degree website where I am also a Contributor).
If you would like to see the entire E-Marketing Certificate Course Outline, please go here: Canadian Marketing Association – CMA – E-Marketing Certificate Course Outline.
For more information about the E-Marketing Certificate course, costs, etc…, please contact: Gabriele Januaryes
Director, Professional Development. You can also call Gabriele: 1-800-267-8805 ext. 240.
You can learn more from the CMA website here: Canadian Marketing Association – CMA – E-Marketing Certificate Course.