The Big Moo – Leave It To Seth Godin

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We live in a morally anorexic society, so when someone talks about a new business book, nobody tends to listen (or care). Those that do tend to make “a dent in the universe,” as Steve Jobs says. Unless you’re Seth Godin… then everything falls into place. I was as surprised as the next person to see the post for his new book, The Big Moo, on his Blog this morning, Will You Help Us?,
The Big Moo looks like a winner. He’s amassed a killer group of writers (including Tom Peters, Guy Kawasaki, Malcolm Gladwell, Mark Cuban and many more) – this is just a handful of what Seth Godin calls The Group Of 33 to tell their story about how companies can “stop trying to be perfect and start being remarkable.”
He’s even selling off (in lots) 50 galley copies (that would be the pre-final version) at $2 per book ($100 US) prior to the book hitting the streets (about two months from now).
I love everything about the way Seth Godin does a project from concept and pre-launch to content and follow-through. He is a thought leader because he spends a good chunk of his time doing what his readers would love for him to do. That speaks volumes to his character and integrity.
Learn more about his new book here: The Big Moo.
Order 50 copies of the Big Moo for $100 here: 800-CEO-READ – The Big Moo – Limited Time Special Galley Offer.
Here’s the hit: he wants real people to spread this book to real people. He does not want this sitting on a bookshelf. He wants The Big Moo on people’s desks. Right next to the phone. It’s that important to Seth and The Group Of 33. It’s that important to make a difference.
Great stuff Seth! Thanks for knowing (and doing) what the people want.