Marketing Magazine TV And The Web Article Includes Twist Image

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In this week’s issue of Marketing Magazine there is an article titled, TV And The Web – The Spot’s Next Shot, by Danny Kucharsky which features an interview with me on behalf of Twist Image.
TV And The Web – The Spot’s Next Shot is a marketing industry feature on how some of the newer TV ad spots’ main goal is to drive consumers to a website. One of the more recognized campaigns is Mott’s Clamato’s “How spicy do you like it?” where the ad is said to be deemed too risqué for TV.
As I stated in the Marketing Magazine article, I think this is a growing trend and will become much more commonplace as newer mediums can engage and deepen a brand touchpoint.
In the old days, you just couldn’t drive people from TV to a billboard or vice-versa as those are both push channels. Working a good push-pull campaign will become very powerful. Imagine a radio ad that drove you to an interactive kiosque. A billboard that pushed you to a Blog. Now, we’re seeing a rush of TV ads pushing you to a website (sounds like the good ole’ pre-bubble burst days, doesn’t it?). Imagine what that does in terms of brand awareness lift for an advertising campaign?
Fascinating stuff.
You can read the full article online here: Marketing Magazine – TV And The Web – The Spot’s Next Shot.