The Big Buzz At Social Media Marketing World

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There’s only one thing left for those in social media marketing to talk about.

It was a busy two days in San Diego, as Social Media Examiner‘s Social Media Marketing World came to a close tonight. Podcasting? Blogs? Twitter? YouTube? Facebook? Sure, there were lots of sessions talking about and dissecting the platforms and types of content that work in social media these days. With that, everything was completely overshadowed with a massive barrage of slides, blurbs, hallway conversations and more about one area in specific: live video. If you’re not doing, thinking, working on live video, you’re going to lose. That’s how it felt. That’s how it was presented. Non-stop.

So far, I’m a goner.

That’s not true. There’s no doubt that live video is the last mile for all types of media. It’s being hyped and pushed now – more than ever – because the technology can truly enable it now, everywhere (the pipe can broadcast it, the smartphones have great video and audio capabilities, the software to edit video has never been simpler and cheaper, and the apps/publishing platforms make everything come together with ease). With that, there was this feeling that people like me (with more of a passion for writing and audio) are being left behind. That’s what will make brands feel like a goner. Being a live video brand is not going to be easy. Still, don’t listen to all of the gurus, evangelists and consultants. Non of this growth in live video means that it kills writing, posting pictures or creating audio. Still, it really did feel that way.

What’s the real story with live video?

It’s easy to be a pundit, jump on the bandwagon and show a bunch of examples of how the new breed of media creator is using live video to build an audience and engage with more people. You would think that YouTubers are now geriatric, if you were to follow the discourse today. With that, if you really want to know how live video is unfolding, Chris Cox (the chief product officer of Facebook) was recently on Charlie Rose to introduce the platform’s new live-streaming video tool. It’s a great twenty minute conversation about what the promise of live video is… and can be.

Watch it here: Charlie Rose speaks to Chris Cox.