The Best Kind Of Advertising

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Might as well close up the shop. If you have not had the opportunity to see George Masters’ 60-seconds iPod commercial you can check out the Wired feature and link here.
It’s not that Masters is an advertising genius. In fact, quite the opposite. Masters is actually a school teacher who made the ad in his home. Over 40,000 people have seen it strictly through websites, email and blogs just last week. Why? The iPod is a Lovemark for Masters (and a lot of people). Masters loves it so much he’s taking viral marketing and word-of-mouth marketing to a new level. Can you imagine loving something so much that you not only told everyone you know about it, but you actually created an ad for it? (P.S.- the ad is super cool).
“I did it for the fun,” Masters says in the Wired feature. “I love motion graphics, I like creating visuals.”
Want to get deep into your customers’ mind and know what they want? Why bother when the technology is right there in their basement for them to create and show it off to the world for you?
Although this is not the first fan-created ad, it’s an impressive work and marks new territory for the average Joe to your uber-Marketer to get the word out. I’m sure Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Kevin Roberts and Malcolm Gladwell are smiling, in unison, from ear to ear. I know I am.