No Computer, No Laptop, No Blog – But I'm Back

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My new laptop just arrived at Twist Image HQ (IBM ThinkPad). My computer at home is on the mend (as much as possible). Lots to Blog about (hang on to your hats!).
Here’s a quick recap of some cool stuff since my last post:
I just got the new Tom Peters book, Project 04: Snapshots of Excellence In Unstable Times, from the word-of-mouth marketing folks at BzzAgent. I can’t wait to dive into this book. I already see tons of gems just from a quick skim-through.
The Montreal Business Book Club meets this coming Tuesday night at Twist Image to discuss Jeffrey Gitomer‘s latest sales classic, The Little Red Book Of Selling. It has been a long-time since I’ve read a book that I don’t ever want to have out of arm’s length (yes, it’s that good). As Jeffrey would say go buy one now for you and your best customer!
There is some stellar stuff coming from IAB Canada (Interactive Advertising Bureau) in the coming New Year and I have also officially begun my membership with the CMA (Canadian Marketing Association) where I hope to get actively involved in as many committees and councils as possible.
As always, the super-kind and ultra-humbling comments from my entry into the Fast Company Fast 50 keep coming in and making me blush. Please check it out here.
On Thursday, I attended an amazing networking event at Aldo‘s new headquarters in Montreal (it was organized by the Montreal Jewish Chamber of Commerce). It’s an impressive new corporate office and warehouse (they have nearly 15 kilometers of conveyor belts – wild stuff). Robert Hoppenheim presented a thorough run-through of the company, their brand and their growing growth. Here’s how he sums up the Aldo brand: love, integrity and respect. High values to hang your hat on (FYI: Aldo is closing in on one billion dollars of annual sales).
Finally, I was interviewed by BBC radio live across Europe this past Thursday night on behalf of to discuss the tragic death of former Pantera guitarist, “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott and three others.


  1. Listened to Robert Hoppenheim discuss his success regarding Aldo at a JEM meeting and was quite impressed with how the Aldo brand has developed.

  2. I’ve had that happen a lot where you get so behind in your blogging that you have to catch everyone up on weeks worth of news. Unlike you I don’t have a good excuse like my computer being on the mend. By the way I love how you’ve designed your blog. Did you get a web designer to do it?

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