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It’s not about me.

Many people know me as the public face of Twist Image. I deal with it and I don’t mind it, but once you’re a client of ours, you can see how our 100+ employees (across two offices – or as we like to call it: "one office with a very long corridor") care and dig deep to deliver great Digital Marketing results for our clients. It’s a great team, and everyone who works in a company knows that you’re only as strong as the team that you surround yourself with. The Twist Image team spent over six weeks in training for a very special Flash Mob that took place on Halloween in Montreal. As you can see from the video below, everyone in and around the Victoria Square vicinity (which intersects the downtown core and Old Montreal) had a very special trick and treat during lunchtime on Halloween day.

Team effort.

It really was a full-on team press/effort. Everything was done by our team (without any external help). The choreography was led by our Senior QA Engineer and the make-up was led by one of our System Administrators (…I kid you not). As you can tell by the results, it takes much more than choreography and make-up to pull something like this off. We had people figuring out how we would capture it, how to ensure that the live music was loud enough, and we even had some last minute scrambles as our destination is the same spot that the Occupy Montreal movement is still… occupying. In the end, I’m really proud of our team. And for those who are curious: no, I did not take part. I had too much travel to make the commitment, on the day of the flash mob I was in two big client presentations and ultimately, this event involves two things I’m really not good at: dressing up and dancing.

That being said, it makes me smile every time I see it… (and proud too)…


  1. Oh this is AWESOME. I am now inspired to do this for my company but my dancing has been outlawed in 17 states and five countries. However, Canada is not one of them. Hmmmm ….

  2. Stunning!
    More More More
    Do the Turkey..oops that US ofA.
    Weird is the new normal.

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