The Best Trick For Improving Your FaceTime And Zoom Calls – Tech Tuesday In Two Minutes

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We’ve all spent too much time on Zoom and FaceTime this past year.

Body language is a tough thing in the virtual world and on video conference calls.
We can’t read people as well online.
Especially when we’re (hardly) even seeing their faces.
Even a darkened light or a bad connection can ruin a great message.
Even more confusing is how most people don’t make eye contact.
This happens, because we’re looking at the other person’s face on the screen (and not at the tiny camera).
This is common and a tough habit to break.
Staring into a camera is not easy.

Staring into a camera is not natural.

Apple has solved for that.
FaceTime’s latest feature (available on iOS 14) is Eye Contact.
It should already be enabled on your phone (if not, go to your Settings > FaceTime and look for the Eye Contact setting).
It works.
It’s magic.

Are there any other options to fix this problem of not making eye contact (like if you’re on a laptop)?

Yes! Check out PlexiCam.
It’s a great solution for laptops or monitors that use an external webcam.
A simple (and physical) solution to a hard problem.

Better eye contact will make your video conference calls way less painful. Promise.

The full story is here: How to fake eye contact on a FaceTime call (yes, you can do that) (Mashable).

This is what Heather Backman and I discussed this morning over on Jack 103 FM for a couple of minutes.

What is Tech Tuesday?

If you ever find yourself wondering… What, exactly, is the point of TikTok? How can I make myself look better on a Zoom? Reddit? What’s that about? How do I help my kids be safer online? Who’s the latest creator and streamer that I should be checking out?

You are not alone.

Every Tuesday – for just a few minutes – I join Heather Backman (my old buddy from her days on CHOM FM) on the air at Jack 103 (Rogers Sports & Media) to give a quick blast about the current state of technology, media and Internet culture. We’re calling the segment Tech Tuesday (and we do it in just a few minutes).

Once the segment goes live on Jack 103, I will post it here for you to listen in, learn, share and engage….

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    And I’m delighted to see you’re a fan. Thank you for your mention and support of PlexiCam today, really appreciate you and all that you do.

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