Summer Reading

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A lot of what you will read below is what I call “retro-Blogging.” That’s where I have some ideas, I sometimes even Blog them on my Blackberry or laptop but I only post them when I feel. So while the Blogs are written or the concepts are there, you’re probably reading something that is a couple of moments fresher than the date listed below.
Until I get to retro-Blogging, here’s what I proudly accomplished in my reading endeavors while on vacation:
1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma.
2. And Now A Few Words From Me by Bob Garfield.
3. Mampodi!! By Mike Lipkin.
4. Give Your Speech, Change The World by Nick Morgan.
5. Leadership 101 – What Every Leader Needs To Know by John C. Maxwell.
A couple of key points:
I got totally turned on to Robin Sharma after hearing The Power Within Discovery Series CD interview with him and I found the book a breeze (and pleasure) to read. I am still using his Meditation For Elite Performers as frequently as possible.
And Now A Few Words From Me is this month’s Montreal Business Book Club selection, so I had to get through it (and laughed all the way – good times).
I came across Mampodi!! In a used book store in Southern Florida and I had no clue that Mike Lipkin had that much commercial material available from when he lived in South Africa. It was a great read and I was kind of shocked to find it.
Give Your Speech, Change The World just seemed like a cool book and it provided me with a lot of insight into how I should structure and prepare for upcoming and future presentations.
As for Leadership 101, all I really have to say is thanks Sass for letting me know about this gem.