Apple iPod Nano

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I broke. I bought it. It came out this past Monday and I happened to be in an Apple Store as they were being set up. To be honest, I could not believe my eyes. The photos and the reviews really do not do the Apple iPod Nano any justice. This is one sweet device.
The iPod Nano is available in white and black. All of the black ones were sold out. Not just in the store I was in, but in the four nearest Apple Stores as well. I don’t mind, I was looking for the iPod Nano in white and the full four megs.
Originally, I was eying a sixty gig iPod but the iPod Nano is great. It’s small, can handle a whackload of audio books and podcasts and has, from what I can tell, the same functionality as the full-on iPod.
I normally tip my hat to the design and branding of all Apple products but this iPod Nano is really a sight to be seen. The color screen, while not perfect, still does the job and man is it small (did I mention that already?). At the price point of just under $250 bucks, it really is the category killer for small digital music players now.
I can’t wait to get my iTunes all set-up and rolling.
CNET also has a great review that you can read here: Apple iPod Nano: The Verdict Is In.