Squidoo Launched – Are You A Lensmaster?

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Seth Godin kindly invited me to be a Beta Tester for his latest project, Squidoo, back in early November. Between work, Blogging and putting it off, I sadly never set up my lens on Squidoo.
Early last week the project went live and if you go to check it out, Seth was right – everyone is an expert on something.
From what I can see, Squidoo gives you the ability to build your own web page (known in Squidoo lingo as a lens). Instead of being a Webmaster, you’re now a Lensmaster who can create a page with your info and links to your stuff (Blog, website, podcast, etc…) and also either make some money (or give it to charity… or split it up) by adding stuff like links, Google AdWords and other revenue generating online marketing programs.
Money will be paid out once “startup and overhead expenses” have been paid, according to this press release: Squidoo.com, A New Online Service, Launches.
I built my lens. It’s here: Mitch Joel Squidoo Lens.
It sucks.
I have to take it more seriously and put more time into it. Maybe, I should just focus on the Twist Image website and my Blog?
I’m in no way being critical of Squidoo. If this bad boy can, indeed, provide faster, better and more relevant information that adds value, I’m all for it. I’m just curious to see how it’s going to pick up steam and gain momentum.
Here’s what Seth says in the press release: “A lens is the perfect middleman between the content and expertise you’ve already got, and the surfers you’ve never met.”
What do you think? Will Squidoo and lenses be the next big thing?