Life After The 30-Second Spot Book Review

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Life After The 30-Second Spot – Energize Your Brand with a Bold Mix of Alternatives to Traditional Advertising by Joseph Jaffe is a book everyone who is in advertising, marketing and communications should be forced to read before starting their first day on the job. My guess is, this is the one book most marketers wished they had written (I know I wish I had written it) or are scared to read.
Jaffe points a sniper rifle at the advertising world and picks off great opportunities one at a time. By identifying ten quick wins and how to execute them (or, at least, why you should be paying attention to them), Jaffe shines as a marketer who is more inclined to grow a business organically than hop on the word-of-mouth buzz-hype of the moment (which usually results in a quick jump up in brand lift and then a much sharper drop down to irrelevance).
How often have advertising agencies pulled clients aside and proposed a gaming, experiential or branded entertainment program? It’s not always an easy subject for marketers to broach with their clients. Now, thanks to Life After The 30-Second Spot, you have the manual. Jaffe does not provide all of the gory details and answers, but there are enough insights to spark your curiosity and construct a long-term plan that works.
So, is the 30-second spot really dead or is this Jaffe’s marketing shtick to get you reading? “Consumers aren’t as stupid as they used to be,” Jaffe muses. “Rumors of its (the 30-second spot) demise may very well be exaggerated, but they are irrelevant. Using the 30-second spot today is like taking a wooden sword to fight a fire-breathing dragon. You better have fire insurance.”
That “fire-breathing dragon” is you and me. Life After The 30-Second Spot follows the same logic path as anyone who is following Web 2.0, Listenomics and Brand Democratization. It’s getting harder and harder to jam 30-seconds of original exaggeration into a push channel that people hardly care about anymore. We’re all off IM’ing each other as we create a MySpace and Blog about how bad the new screens are on the iPod Nano.
Life After The 30-Second Spot is a must-read. Jaffe uses many strategic examples to highlight the success of people who have dared already and mixes in clever writing to keep the book from coming off as too professorial and boring. He mixes it up real nice. If you’re looking for that last-minute stocking stuffer for the advertising quack on your list, look no further.
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Final note: I got Life After The 30-Second Spot for free from Joseph Jaffe. I heard him speak here in Montreal at an IAB Canada (Interactive Advertising Bureau) breakfast event and signed up to be a part of his UNM2PNM – Use New Marketing to Prove New Marketing program. You can view Jaffe’s post about it here: Calling all blogger evangelists: Use New Marketing to Prove New Marketing. If I did not love Life After The 30-Second Spot, I would have said so. This really is a must-read.