Sophisticated Marketer's Podcast – Pokemon Go, Personal Branding And The Power Of Great Writing In A Video-Rich World

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Jason Miller is a rocking tour du force of business, marketing and conversation.

Jason is a rock photographer and loves all music that is hard and heavy almost as much as I do. He has a history in the music business (as I do) and, after connecting, it felt like we truly were “brothers from another mother.” Professionally, Jason is also living the dream. Currently, he is the Global Content and Social Media Marketing Lead for LinkedIn (now, based in London), he has his own professional rock n’ roll photography business called, Rock n’ Roll Cocktail (can’t wait to see his photo book and buy some prints from him), and he also hosts a fantastic podcast for LinkedIn titled, The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast (which has a slant towards the B2B side of business). I was excited to be a guest on his first episode that was recorded out of his UK studio.

Here’s how he describes our show together…

“What’s the real marketing opportunity on Pokemon Go? Why are brands still struggling to demonstrate ROI for social media? Is it worth advertising to ad blockers? And perhaps most importantly, how do you top interviewing Tommy Lee of Motley Crue as your first gig as a journalist? There are few marketers out there whom I’d rather pitch these questions at than Mitch Joel, President of the digital marketing agency Mirum and a man described by Marketing Magazine as a ’Rock Star of Digital.’ Mitch is a true original thinker: challenging, iconoclastic and incisive – so when I had the chance to spend an hour with him for the latest Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast, I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity. It helps that he’s probably the only other marketer I know who’s equally passionate about Canadian prog-rockers The Tea Party. Our Podcast interview was brilliantly timed, with Pokemon Go apparently creating a new type of media platform overnight and marketers rushing to make sense of it all. But of course, Pokemon Go wasn’t the only issue on the agenda. Mitch has strong views about why brands still struggle to make sense of ROI on social platforms – and strong views too about how they should be facing up to the ad blocking surge. They are well worth listening to… Mitch and I share a real passion for writing – and for me, one of the most interesting parts of our conversation involved the role of writing in a digital world that’s increasingly dominated by video (not to mention Augmented Reality avatars). If you’re a marketer wondering how to make your mark, build your personal brand, and put your views out there, then Mitch’s wisdom is a great place to start. He’s had a hugely varied and interesting life and career (I’m particularly jealous of his first gig interviewing Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee) – and he’s a firm believer in the value of wholly committing yourself to the industry you’re in and the work that you do.”

We had a great time on the Podcast – I hope you have a great time listening in. It’s all right here: The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast – Hosted by: Jason Miller – Featured Guest: Mitch Joel.