Social Media Journey Keeps On Turning

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I was very moved by the story about how the rock band Journey found their new singer, Arnel Pineda (“pin-eh-da”) through the power of Social Media and YouTube. I first Blogged about it here, Social Media Journey, in January with a very cool video follow-up here, Social Media Journey Unfolds – Check It Out, in late February.

The story seems to have legs. Not only do I use it as part of my keynote presentation, it seems like the mass media is picking up on it as well.

The New York Times reviewed the band’s latest disc, Revelations, featuring Arnel as their "Critic’s Choice" here: Still Holding on to the Feeling: Journey in 2008, and Journey has sold over 150,000 copies of Revelations to date.

Here is an amazing report on the current version of the rock band Journey from CBS News Sunday Morning (the clip runs a little under ten minutes): Journey Interview on CBS News Sunday morning:

And, here is the band performing ‘Faithfully’ live on The Ellen Degeneres Show: Journey’s New version of Faithfully in Ellen Degeneres Show.


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