Social Media – Your Thoughts On The Year That (Soon) Was

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At this time of the year, all of the media content shifts to what happened in 2007. You know, that whole "year in review." I guess because I do my best to stay up on the times, those types of retro-based pieces of content bore me. It’s also a strange time because there is usually a bit of a lull in the news. People start focusing more on family than business deals.

I did something a little unique in an episode of my Podcast – Six Pixels of Separation – last year and I thought I would repeat the process this year, but open it up to the community (that’s you) as well.

Here’s the idea:

Either this week or next (episode #83 or #84) I’ll do my Yuletide Log Podcast episode. You know how the local TV station runs the burning fireplace all night? That inspired me to create an episode of Six Pixels of Separation with no set time limit and the content is 100% supplied by others. I just act like the DJ and string it all together. Audio comments from all over the world with thoughts about Social Media during this holiday season.

So, join in the fun. I want to know what you learned or thought about in regards to Social Media and Marketing in 2007. I’m looking for audio submissions, 2-3 minutes long. You can either email me the MP3 file (preferred) or you can call it in to the audio comment line – +1 206 666-6056 (it’s as easy as leaving a message on an answering machine). If you do take part, please be sure to email me after, so I know who you are, how to spell your name, where you’re from, and how people can find you (Blog URL, etc…).

I’m looking for people from all over the world to share.

Go ahead… call it in (or email it) – you have until Saturday morning.


  1. “So, join in the fun. I want to know what you learned or thought about in regards to Social Media and Marketing in 2006”
    You are living in the past, Mitch… Copy and Paste can bite you in the butt sometimes 😉
    Are you open to 2008 predictions as well as I too find the look back at 2007 to be a bit boring and counterproductive

  2. Oh man… I corrected it. The sad reality is that it wasn’t cut and paste. I think it’s worse that I don’t know what year it is 🙂
    But, please, send in whatever you want – thoughts going forward are equally valid and welcome.
    Get ’em in!

  3. Really neat concept, Mitch! I just recorded my blurb & emailed. I look forward to hearing this mega podcast!!
    I think 2008 will be a monumental year for social media… like the old days where you’d be left in the dust if you didn’t have an email address. Similarly, if businesses don’t have some level of social media presence on the web, they’ll be way behind the pack.

  4. Thanks all. I have finished recording the new episode, but if you still want to be involved, shoot me an audio comment and I’ll play them next week.
    The new episode should be live at some point tomorrow.
    There were about 30 submissions and it’s runs almost 1:30 – truly spectacular.
    Many thanks to the community for making this happen.

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