Should Your Company Be Podcasting? AIMS Canada Event In Toronto Will Answer This Question

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AIMS Canada – Association of Internet Marketing and Sales Canada is holding the event, Should Your Company Be Podcasting? on Thursday January 25th, 2007 from 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm at The Diesel Playhouse in Toronto.
My opening keynote is called, Podcasting- The Audience Is Listening… The Audience Is Creating, and features all new content that I have yet to share with any audience. Here’s how the AIMS Canada website describes it:
“Podcasting is quickly becoming a great ally for Marketers. With a basic computer set-up and microphone, anyone has the ability to produce high-quality independent audio content for next to nothing…and they’re doing it in droves. Podcast was chosen as the ‘word of the year’ in 2005 by the New Oxford American Dictionary. In this interactive session, Mitch Joel will walk you through why this is such an important channel for Marketers, how it can impact your business, how to get started and, most importantly, why your company should be Podcasting. If your company has a brand, then it has a voice. If it has a voice, then Podcasting is ideal to get that voice heard.”
Also on the bill is Michael Seaton from Scotiabank and The Client Side (disclosure: Scotiabank is a client of Twist Image and we helped them produce their Podcast, The Money Clip) who is presenting, Banking On A Podcast – How A Big Five Bank Delivers Through Audio.
Here’s the description:
“Building on the success of The Vault, Scotiabank’s free online financial newsletter the bank launched The Money Clip, a podcast featuring exclusive interviews with experts who discuss the many aspects of personal finance. Michael will take us through the decision making behind why Scotiabank decided to podcast and the results he’s seen to date. Plus he’ll share his insights, experience, and lessons learned from the world of podcasting.”
There will be a third session and, if all goes as planned, a panel discussion where all of the speakers will participate.
After speaking with AIMS Canada, this event is the perfect primer for any business looking to fully understand the Podcasting space from a marketing and lead-generation perspective.
You can get the full details here: AIMS Canada – Should Your Company Be Podcasting?