New Episode Of Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast Coming Soon

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I’ve was grappling with whether or not to post this. Isn’t the whole point of Podcasting and independently produced content to be created, published and discussed at will? Does it matter that I usually publish a new episode of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast every Sunday and have not had a chance to record the latest edition yet?
It must be the “old media” guy in me (or the tremendous guilt). I have not had a chance to record episode #31 of Six Pixels Of Separation yet and I feel like I’m letting you down. Sorry.
I will get to it shortly and I apologize if you’re iPod seems a little lighter today.
It’s coming… soon…


  1. Hi Mitch – as a regular listener I’m glad you posted this. I sync’d the ipod this morning and was wondering what happened to 6 pixels of separation. I figured you just got busy and it would show up soon.
    You’re so good at keeping to a regular publishing schedule that I think a post to explain the delay makes good sense.
    Looking forward to episode #31…

  2. That’s the beauty of new media – no beast to feed! I, personally, think it’s totally fine (especially since my Friday SM roundups typically get posted Mondays).
    Looking forward to shaking hands with you at PodCamp Toronto!

  3. I’m not the right one to ask Mitch. We torture our listeners with a totally irregular schedule. We’ve now gone the longest time since we started without publishing a podcast…is it good? Have we lost some listeners? Maybe. But, until your podcast is paying your mortgage or, at the very least, buying you a beer, I think you’ve got some leeway on when you publish. Our best listeners know that there will always be a podcast “when deadlines allow.”

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