1. Thank you for this very informative post. A social business is a sharing business, and sharing is always good. You have to add value to your marketplace. The only way to do that is by sharing. Great post I’m looking forward to finding more gems from you.

  2. I should elaborate, great article and I want to share it, but it makes the most sense for me to share this on LinkedIn. Yes, I can do it myself and cut and paste but why not make it easy for me and others. LinkedIn seems like such a natural channel for your content.

  3. Great explanation. Thanks for the data you provide. It normally takes time for companies to view changes in consumer behaviour. Only the fastest and closest to the consumer ar able to see … and not always.

  4. Genius, again. Thanks. Especially liked the “what, exactly, are you paying for then?” reference as it related to hotels and their ‘delivery’.
    p.s. I tried to pin this on Pinterest and got an error message (“no ‘pinnable’ images or video on this page”) – thought you might want to know… or maybe that was on purpose?

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