Second Life Goes Open Source

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There was some big news from the online virtual world realm and the open source community today. Linden Lab – creators of Second Life – has opened its software with plans to do the same for its server-side technology to open source. Meaning all of us (yes, I’m looking at you) can now not just build things in the online virtual world but can actually change how the online world operates.
This is big new because we’re looking at another deep level of online interaction where something as fresh and new as Second Life meshes with the open source community (which is very much still considered cutting edge). It is moments like these – the graying of borders in online interaction – that are, in my humble estimation, going to cause huge breakthroughs in new marketing opportunities that none of us could have ever imagined.
You can view the news about Second Life over here: CNET – ‘Second Life’ Software Becomes Open-Source.
Dan York has some interesting thoughts here: Second Life Client Source Code Now Open Source – And What That Might Potentially Mean…