Apple iPhone Gets Announced By Steve Jobs

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Gadget Geeks, start your engines. C.C. Chapman over at Managing The Gray just shot me a Skype IM to this link: Engadget – The Apple iPhone Runs OS X. Steve Jobs made the announcement a couple of hours ago at the Macworld Conference and Expo. It’s a phone, it’s an iPod and it’s all connected to the Internet. It really does look mind-blowing. When I first got my hands on the iPod Nano and the Sony PSP, I distinctly remember feeling like I was holding something from the future (I’m fairly hard to impress). Just looking at the pictures of the device on Engadget are giving me that exact feeling (yes, as Paris Hilton would say, “that’s hot.”).
My one issue is that I can’t seem to find any screenshots of how the keyboard and email functionality works. As many of you know, I’m a Crackberry of the highest order, so killer email is critical.
What else has it got? Here’s what Engadget says:
“Sweet, glorious specs of the 11.6 millimeter device (that’s frickin’ thin, by the way) include a 3.5-inch wide touchscreen display with multi-touch support, 2 megapixel cam, 8 GB of storage, Bluetooth with EDR, WiFi, and quadband GSM radio with EDGE – and amazingly, it somehow runs OS X. A proximity sensor disables the touchscreen when it’s close to your face, while the iTunes support rocks CoverFlow.”
Check out the full posting here: Engadget – The Apple iPhone Runs OS X.
Update (already): Apple has added the iPhone to thier website: Apple iPhone. (thanks J-F).


  1. Was about to point to the amazing array of demoware on the reloaded, but then I noticed you’ve updated your post already. Still – now that I’m here anyway – those demos on Apple’s site are phenomenal, aren’t they? That’s the way to launch a breakthrough new product. Compare and contrast: Microsoft’s new website for the Windows Home Server, which I puked about here.

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