Second Chance Trees – Plant A Virtual Tree, Plant A Real Tree

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Paull Young from the Social Media agency, Converseon, sent me a tweet (Twitter message) about a project his company is working on. Take a look:

The two barriers to entry are that you have to be in Second Life (or be willing to sign-up and go in world) plus, you need an American Express card to vote for the project.
If you qualify – and you think this is as great of an idea as I do – head over here: American Express – The Member’s Project and vote for, ‘The Virtual Forest Project. One Million Trees. Easy.’
Imagine seeing this project get one million dollars (and one million real trees planted)?
This is a prime example of using social media to make a great cause even greater. Change can happen and the democratization and decentralization of content and media is allowing little ideas to spark into big wins.
Bonus: in case you were wondering what Machinima is? The YouTube video above was done in Machinima – using a gaming or virtual world engine to create a film. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Machinima and what it means to Marketers in the coming months as the channel grows in popularity.