How Did You Feel About Live Earth? I Am Taking Adam Curry's Advice And Asking You To Check Out Chris Brogan

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I watched the Live Earth concert this past weekend with a bit of excitement. The reality was that I had a ton of work to catch up on and the thought of doing it while Live Earth was blasting in the background put a smile on my face. As I get (ahem)_ older, I’m not as finicky about my taste in music, and I find myself more open to newer styles of music – sometimes even heavier than usual, and sometimes a little lighter.
By the end of Live Earth, I felt a little ho-hum about the whole thing. I felt like some of the newer bands were not able to make their music convert as well in the live setting, and the bands from my era (man, am I ever sounding old now) always deliver_ and that’s the problem too – no surprises. They’re great bands, so they better be great live. That being said, the Spinal Tap classic ‘Big Bottom‘ was awesome (tons of bottom_ I mean bass).
Today I was listening to Adam Curry and his amazing Podcast, Daily Source Code. Confession time: I used to listen to Daily Source Code religiously, but dropped off for the past little while. I picked it up again last week, and it’s really an amazing Podcast (think morning man radio with way better music and much more interesting/humorous content). On episode #630 of the DSC, Adam was reflecting on Live Earth and what it means to the world. He suggested that with all of the controversy going on around Live Earth (i.e. – let’s save the planet by having all of these musicians fly on their private planes, not to mention the electricity needed to power the event, etc_) that we all celebrate the Earth by just doing something nice for somebody.
That resonated with me.
So, at the request of the Podfather, Adam Curry, I thought I would highlight someone who I respect:
Chris Brogan.
Chris has an amazing Blog called: Chris Brogan – A Conversation With A Community About Digital Relationships. I know a lot of people know who Chris Brogan is, but I met him first at PodCamp Boston (he is one of the founding organizers of PodCamp) and then again at PodCamp Toronto. And, although we’ve only met two times in person, I feel like he’s a friend_ and that I know him (even though we probably spent a handful of minutes actually hanging out even when we were together in person). He’s quick to comment, he’s on all of the micro Blogging platforms (Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce). He’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc_ but that’s not what makes him special (although, at the rate he posts, replies and comments, he must have super powers). The reason I want to highlight him is because you really must read his Blog. He’s so passionate about how digital media is changing our lives and his insights are so keen, that it’s overwhelming. With everything that he does, the written content that he delivers sometimes gets overshadowed by the, “where in the world is Chris Brogan?” factor. Forget the Chris Brogan who’s always tweeting about something interesting he’s either doing or checking out and pay attention to his words. He deserves it and you owe it to yourself.
Chris, Happy Live Earth Day. Thank you for your content, insights and openness to always share. I hope that by modeling myself, this Blog, the Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast, and my other activities after your ethos, I’ll be able to help build this community like you have been doing.
Check him out here: Chris Brogan – A Conversation With A Community About Digital Relationships.
Happy Live Earth.


  1. Wow. I feel humbled. Thank you, Mitch. You’re quite a guy, yourself, so to say such amazing things really touches me.
    I wanted to double-dip and thank you for pointing out the great Spinal Tap footage. I’m a fan from way back, and have followed Lord Guest’s work since, but it was nice to see the ST back on stage.
    Best to you, sir. And I look forward to seeing you again soon.

  2. It was all Adam Curry’s idea 😉
    I think it’s important to often thank the people who affect one’s life. The cool part is, sometimes the people who affect you the most have no clue that they’re doing it.
    Thanks for doing it Brogan 😉

  3. Mitch, I did watch some of Live Earth, and was a bit put off by the hypocrisy of people like Madonna writhing on the stage in the name of environmental awareness. Give me a break. The woman has how many mansions and cars?
    As for Chris Brogan… he has something in common with YOU: the ability to make connections and to nurture them with warmth, kindness and humour. 😉

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