Scotiabank Launches The Money Clip Podcast

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Full disclosure: Scotiabank is a client of Twist Image. This project was one of our initiatives. This will not be a back-slapping, belly-rubbing post about what a great job we did (I don’t have to tell you this… you already know it 😉
Seriously, I think this is just cool news. The Scotiabank, under the guide of Michael Seaton (The Client Side), launched The Money Clip, which we believe to be one of the first major corporations to be Podcasting and definitely the only financial institution (although word broke a couple of days after The Money Clip launch that BMO and Profit Magazine have also launched a Podcast).
What I found most fascinating about The Money Clip was how quickly this Podcast rocketed to number one on iTunes (the Canadian store and you have to look under Business Podcasts). It’s always fascinating to see what kind of content people are looking for.
I also like the production on The Money Clip (again, I’m not saying this because Twist Image created it – I’m saying this because it is certainly many steps up from where I’m at with Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast). My hopes are that the channel of Podcasting works for customers of Scotiabank and that they demand more content like this, through the channels that suit them best.
If ever someone was looking for a major corporation Podcasting or how companies are using Social Media, The Money Clip could help get past those naysayers.