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I meant to Blog about this last week, but I got very caught up with the Digital Marketing Conference 2006 and my vacation this week. As I was walking out of the office for a week in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Alexandre Henault was walking in and taking on the role of Media Director at Twist Image.
Alexandre is a Blogger, passionate digital marketing guy and former media dude for places like Sympatico MSN and Radio Canada.
Though I promise not to make this Blog a place where HR announcements are made, I think this one, in particular, fits with the spirit of the content. Alex has spent the past few months discovering Blogs, Podcasts and other forms of social media. He’s added comments, he’s created his own Blog and he’s invested in getting himself known.
As Twist Image was moving towards the addition of a media department, and we started kicking around names, Alex rose to the top and we spent a significant amount of time getting to know him, understanding the type of work we could do together and just lurking to see what he would say next online.
The lesson? Social media is a powerful tool to build your personal brand, and that’s a topic which is near and dear to my heart.
This is also challenging because as social media takes more hold online, it will be interesting to see how we balance the traditional online media of ads, email and search with social media… and how those lines blur.


  1. Very excited to find out that you’ve brought Alexandre on board. Alexandre was actually the guy that greeted me at CBC/Radio-Canada when I attended CaseCamp Montreal back in July.
    Congrats, Alexandre! Now if I could only learn to pronounce your name properly …

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