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I just finished reading the Future Boy column from Business 2.0 Magazine. This week’s feature, RSS Nation – Finally, An Answer To The Web’s Information Overload, by Erick Schonfeld looks at the pure basics of what RSS is. While the acronym stands for “Rich Site Summary” most people know it as “Real Simple Syndication.” The fact is that if you grab an RSS reader – I prefer to just use My Yahoo! and add Blog or news RSS feeds as easily as adding a bookmark – you’ll realize, much like Erick Schonfeld did, that using RSS feeds is much simpler than creating a new email account in Outlook.
Read RSS Nation and you’ll see why there are more than 11 million Bloggers out there and no one really knows how many multiples that is for the readership.
In the end, and I’ve said it here before, Blogs, RSS, XML, Podcasting, Vlogs, etc… are all just simple and instant personal publishing tools that make each and every one of us a writer, journalist, editor or newswire service. I speak and Blog frequently about personal branding: what better way to build that brand than establishing yourself as a Subject Matter Expert? RSS gives you that kind of flexibility and opportunity.
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