Brain Tattoos – Creating Unique Brands That Stick In Your Customer's Minds

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So, I had four hours to kill yesterday evening. Finally. I head straight to the movie theatre to see Batman Begins in IMAX. I’m a kid at heart. Instead of standing in line I make a bee-line for the book store and come across Brain Tattoos – Creating Unique Brands That Stick In Your Customer’s Minds by Karen Post.
The book has a foreword by Jeffrey Gitomer (one of my all-time biggest heroes – Batman notwithstanding – who is also the author of The Sales Bible and Little Red Book Of Selling) and ringing endorsements from Seth Godin and Fast Company Magazine dude, Heath Row. I’m intrigued.
Karen Post is a featured writer for Fast Company Magazine and is known as The Branding Diva. Here’s what I already love about this book. It reads like a workbook not like some diatribe. Post even states in the intro:
“If you are looking for scientific theory and rooms full of quantified research, this book is not for you. I respect a balance of those disciplines in the brand development and decision-making process. However, these pages bring firsthand experiences form the real-world business trenches. After all, many of the greatest brands ever ‘just did it’ while others were researching away and missed the boat.”
Brain Tattoos – Creating Unique Brands That Stick In Your Customer’s Minds in full of exercises and very powerful questions. The idea, it seems, is to read it through entirely then go back and do the many exercises. I’m not even through the first chapter but I have skimmed through Brain Tattoos and there are plenty of gems within.
Here’s another killer quote from Brain Tattoos intro:
“To achieve successful branding sometimes requires a radical shift in thinking by its leadership. Branding is not merely the logo, some catchy tagline, or the creative pastime for the marketing department. Branding is a way of life. Branding is the heart and soul of an offering. It should be woven into every important decision and resonate through every point of contact within a market’s span.”
Wow! Hallelujah!
Get the whole first chapter for free here: Brain Tattoos – Chapter One – Your Brand: How To Create An Indelible Mental Mark.