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It is very rare that I will listen to an interview and then take action. I just don’t work like that. If someone I respect writes something of interest, I do tend to check it out, but I usually get underwhelmed by the Q&A process/format. This all changed after I heard a Robin Sharma CD which is part of The Power Within‘s Discovery Series.
Robin Sharma is the Author of the best-selling book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. He also has several other books, products and services. Robin Sharma has spoken at past The Power Within events and he’s recognized as a Subject Matter Experts in many fields, including leadership. I have had little knowledge of Robin Sharma (other than getting a free copy of his Leadership Wisdom From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: The 8 Rituals Of Visionary Leaders from Hour Magazine which I had never read).
I know I am going to butcher this quote but on the CD when asked a question about how one should live their life, Sharma says something akin to “good is the enemy of great.” Meaning that sometimes we do things we’re good at and that inhibits us from doing the stuff we are great at or meant to do.
Last night I ordered his CD, Meditation For Elite Performers. I used to meditate every day (breath counting and guided visuals), but I found them a little too new agey. This one seems to provide the bridge I had been looking for: a guided meditation with a focus on performance. I’ll Blog more about this once I get Sharma’s CD and take it for a mind drive.
And this is where I got ahead of myself. I could not wait for the CD. I was moved by Sharma’s interview CD, so I went out and bought two of his books, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and his first book, MegaLiving: Powerful Wisdom For Self-Leadership.
Robin Sharma is based in Toronto so I am fairly certain, with all of our common connections, that our paths will eventually cross and I look forward to it. How could you not? The guy is uber-creative. Check the titles to two of his other books: The Saint, The Surfer & The CEO and Who Will Cry When You Die?.
His website has a lot of interesting and free content:
Robin Sharma Website
Plus, he recently launched a Blog:
Robin Sharma Blog.
And even some Podcasting:
Robin’s Success Podcast.

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