Buzzmarketing By Mark Hughes

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I just got an email from Mark Hughes. Mark is the owner of BuzzMarketing and the Author of the book Buzzmarketing – Get People To Talk About Your Stuff (published by Portfolio-Penguin).
It turns out that Mark came across the Twist Image Blog and thought that his new book might be of interest to me. Ironically, I had a client who came to a meeting with the book and I also happened to see it for the first time this past weekend at Indigo in downtown Montreal.
Here’s how Mark explained his tome:
“The book details my own experience of how I launched by renaming the town of Halfway, Oregon…convincing them to rename their town to, Oregon. And how I grew the brand from zero to eight million users and sold it to eBay along the way. It also details case studies of other start-ups that got buzz and took off as well as some big brands that got buzz and took off.
On the anthropological side, the book details the hows and whys of buzz. What gets people talking and why. What gets the media writing and why.
Some great general interest stories/case studies:
– How Tie-Dye was created (the inside story from the man who created it, Don Price).
– Why American Idol succeeded and how Fox TV almost didn’t sign it up as a show.
– The story of how Britney Spears built her brand (like her or not) from her manager since she was 13.”
He is sending me a copy to read (thanks Mark). It seems like he’s already building tremendous buzz and his book, Buzzmarketing, could well show up in an upcoming session of the Montreal Business Book Club.
I also learned that it’s a small world. It turns out that Mark and I must have crossed paths when he came to Montreal for a past Internet Marketing Conference that I presented at.
Bzzz… Bzzz… Bzzz…