Reboot: Marketing With Inc. Magazine

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WARNING: Self-promotional blog post ahead…

I am excited to announce that starting tomorrow, I will be a regular contributor to Inc. Magazine with the launch of my twice-monthly column, Reboot: Marketing. The column will focus on how technology and marketing is working harder than ever to make businesses better (and what entrepreneurs need to know to capitalize on it!). As usual, I will be posting the unfiltered, unedited version here on Six Pixels of Separation once Inc. Magazine’s final version gets published. The version on this blog will also include all of my regular slew of links, tags, etc…

Why would I write for Inc. Magazine?

In simple terms: content distribution strategy (more on that here: The Failing State Of Content Marketing). Every week, I blog six times plus the Six Pixels Podcast on Sunday. My current thoughts are that this content should not just be shackled to my own platforms, but to extend the thinking into as many interesting and unique corners of the publishing world as possible. I will continue to be a regular contributor to The Huffington Post (look for my newest column next week) and I will be shifting my contributions to Harvard Business Review to a monthly format. All of those pieces will be posted here as well (in their original format).

But wait… there’s more!

With that, I am equally excited to be announcing that I will have an upcoming monthly column in Strategy Magazine (it will be published in the third week of every month). The focus of that column will be innovation in marketing. With all of that, my weekly Monday morning radio hit on CHOM 977 FM’s Mornings Rock With Terry And Heather B will continue on. Will there be other business books? Yes! More speaking engagements? Yes! Other new and interesting ways of sharing this content in new and interesting venues? Just wait until you see what will be happening in the coming months.

Too much content?

People complain that there is too much content. I am guilty of this from time to time. Still, I believe deeply in these digital channels and the ability for an individual to share their thinking with the world. I’m also a firm believer that so long as the content adds value to people’s lives, then it is a worthy pursuit. This is an exciting time for brands, publishers and marketers. But, I have another thought: I don’t believe that everything that I create should be consumed, shared and loved by everyone (I wish more brands would think like this as well). You don’t have to listen to all of my podcasts to derive value. Individuals can pop in and out. That’s great too (in fact, it’s my expectation that this will happen). Too many brands (and individuals) are on the drug of "more." Thinking, hoping and praying that every new tweet gets a few more retweets or moments of engagement than their last. That is not the true spirit of creating a legacy of content. This blog post may not be of value to you. I’m hoping that the next one (or the one after that) will.

Until then… let’s Reboot: Marketing.