Podcasters Across Borders This Coming Weekend In Kingston – I Will Be There

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Podcasters Across Borders is taking place this week in Kingston, Ontario. From Friday, June 22nd to Sunday, June 24th, 2007 there will be Podcasters (yup from both the United States, Canada and abroad) hanging out, learning, sharing and building the portable media industry.
I’m stoked to be catching up with a whole bunch of (the usual suspects) people. I’ll be recording with my trusted M-Audio MicroTrack from the event, so look for a very interesting Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast on Sunday (at some point_ hopefully).
I was also asked to present, Marketing Toolkit, where I’ll walk the audience through the many tools, social networks and opportunities that exist to build your audience without breaking your bank account (hint: most of the tools are online, free and easy to use). As I was putting the finishing touches on the presentation, I was informed that Christopher S, Penn would be coming to Podcasters Across Borders and I immediately invited Chris (or, as I call him, “Ninja”) to co-present with me. He is a Marketing Ninja (deal with it). If you don’t know who Chris Penn is (no, not the Hollywood Actor), you should check out his personal Blog. He’s also the man behind the Financial Aid Podcast, was one of the founders of PodCamp, helped push out Bum Rush The Charts and, more recently, was co-responsible for the amazing Fan Generated Content project for Podsafe Music Artist, Matthew Ebel, called Virtual Hot Wings. He’s also got a killer new Podcast with co-host John Wall (from The M Show) called, Marketing Over Coffee (definitely worth checking out).
In our Marketing Toolkit at Podcasters Across Borders, Mr. Ninja and I will run through the power of online social networks, how to get your Podcast raging in Search Engines and other insights we’ve both been deploying over the years.
The email exchanges we’ve been having over the past few days have been quite humorous. They mostly revolved around how much “evil” online marketing we should demonstrate for the benefit of the audience.
You’ll have to show up to Podcasters Across Borders this weekend to see how “evil” we will be.
Register now: Podcasters Across Borders.
I hope to see you there.