PodCamp Toronto 2007 Pre-Show Party

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PodCamp Toronto 2007 is officially underway. I just got back from The Library – don’t you miss the days of university when going to the library was code word for “bar” (apparently the joke was not lost on the owners of this Ryerson University pub called, The Imperial Public Library) where we raised some pre-unconference drinks. It was great to finally meet Luke Armour of Observations Of Public Relations in person.
We had a great roundtable discussion that revolved around the Podcasting echo chamber. Are most of the Podcasters simply speaking to each other? Bryan Person from Bryper Blog and New Comm Road points to the many varied and new audio comments that seem to be streaming into the latest episodes of our digital marketing and communications Podcasts to dismiss this thought.
I don’t think that a Podcasting echo chamber is an issue. The spirit behind Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast is to get comfortable with what Podcasting is and to provide usable content – that may not be readily available anywhere else (there are not that many radio shows that focus on the digital marketing approach to marketing, communications, advertising and PR). Digital Marketing, in and of itself, is a new space. A digital marketing Podcast, like Six Pixels Of Separation, focusing almost exclusively on digital marketing is very niche. It may be an echo chamber only because the people most interested in a digital marketing podcast may be the ones producing Podcasts like that as well.
We also rambled on about the value of advertising on a Podcast. How do you feel about Go Daddy commercial sponsorships or others by the likes of GoTo Meeting and more? I have one quick take: Six Pixels Of Separation already has a major advertiser and sponsor: Me (and, consequently, Twist Image). At this point, I’m not looking to monetize the actual Podcast. The true revenues will come from establishing myself and Twist Image as recognized authorities in digital marketing. No need to interrupt that conversation with a word from our sponsors.
So much more was rambled on about. Everything from Podcasting gear to creating show notes to editing to the Blogs that house the Podcast.
Tomorrow is going to be a fantastic and informative day.
Get ready for PodCamp Toronto 2007 Day One tomorrow.