PodCamp Toronto 2007 – Day One – Line Of The Day Goes To Julien Smith

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Julien Smith from In Over Your Head and Listen To Your Kids held a presentation called, Giving Your Podcast A Google Presence, at Podcamp Toronto 2007.
Julien is spiked with energy and he dropped this G-Bomb:
Google understands English and every other language on a level you cannot comprehend.”
LOL. Perfect. Brilliant.
Lots of great insights on why Google does not care about Podcasters: Google can’t sort audio, so you need text (show notes and show transcriptions) for ultimate Google Juice.
A more refined round-up of the day will follow.
Right now, Chris Penn from the Financial Aid Podcast is presenting, Podcast Marketing: Five Tools And Strategies To Grow Your Audience Today. Chris is scary smart and well-spoken. He’s like the digital marketing equivalent of that scene in The Matrix where the world bends to Neo. In the PodCamp Toronto version, The Matrix is digital marketing and Neo is Christopher Penn.
Yep -just that good.


  1. I’m so disappointed that I couldn’t be there this weekend…so thanks for the update Mitch. Much appreciated. I trust you are all having fun! E

  2. Julien and Christopher were the stars of the Podcamp today! And yeah, when he said that Google understands English better than everyone, I knew we had a guru. He sure knows his stuff.
    I felt the same way when I attended your session on building your personal brand, Mitch. It’s all about plugging yourself into other people and creating yourself a memorable elevator pitch. Thanks for a great presentation!

  3. Having seen Christopher Penn in action at the original PodCamp Boston, I think it’s safe to say the existing world also bends to Chris.
    Glad to hear the event is everything I hoped it would be. It makes my inability to attend that much more aggravating, which makes me that much more motivated to attend the next one in NYC.
    Cheers from Pittsburgh!

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